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Road hazards found on bike rides

Zooming along at 45 miles per hour in a car renders most of the items in the first two photos invisible to drivers. To a bicyclist, however, they are both visible and dangerous. Each item could easily cause a crash if not navigated properly.

Every one of these 250 plus items was picked up on a roadway during one of my bike rides in the last three months. Since 70-80% of my riding is done in Newport Beach, it’s obvious where most of these items were found.

Every screw, bungee cord, piece of wire and miscellaneous metal object is shown in the first photo. The second photo shows just the nails, screws and bolts from this pile. And these items are just the hazards that were possible to pick up safely. They represent no more than a small percentage of the road debris passed during these three months of riding. So, another reason to cut that bicyclist sharing the road some slack. He or she already has a lot to look out for without worrying about those 45 miles per hour objects.

Nails, screws and bolts found on bike rides

As for all of these items? They are being returned to Newport Beach. This time, however, through the trash — which is where they should have gone in the first place.

Henry- King of the road debris

Except for Henry. From the looks of his road rash, he had been run over multiple times by the time he was rescued from his life on the road. Henry gets a reprieve. In fact, he will preside over the next pile of road debris that will start with tomorrow’s riding.

Be safe — whether by car or bike.



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