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Just over a week ago the Newport Beach City Council voted to approve Sharrows through Corona del Mar on the PCH. My wife, Kathy, and I attended the meeting. The presentation by the City of Newport Beach and the ones given by numerous speakers from the community were excellent. They covered the myriad of reasons that Sharrows make sense through CdM.

As a member of the original Newport Beach task force that first broached the subject of Sharrows through CdM it is tempting to ask, “What took so long?” However, I truly believe that the wait will end up being a net positive. There is more enthusiasm now then there would have been a year, or two, ago. In addition, it is easy to envision the spread of Sharrows after their successful implementation in the internationally visible Corona del Mar area of Newport Beach.

Why did I wait until now to say thanks? Because earlier this week Kathy and I met friends in Laguna Beach for dinner. As we drove through CdM she turned to me and said, “How do you ride your bike through here? Please tell me that you ride on the sidewalk.” When I replied that I ride through CdM quite often and riding on the sidewalk is illegal, she said, “Now I get Sharrows. Thank goodness they passed. Someone’s life could be saved. Maybe yours.”

So, thank you Newport Beach City Council for your vote. On second thought, thank you from both of us.



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