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Observation Ride In The Back Bay

Bill Sellin, Dawn Sumerford, Bruce Nelson, Heather, Doug & Paul hopped on bikes to ride the Back Bay Drive

Today was part 2 of a 3-part series dedicated to examining all the mixed uses on the Back Bay Drive.

This evaluation started when the Newport Bay Conservancy sent a letter to the Bicycle Master Plan Committee. See the letter and news of the sub-committee that was formed to explore the issues here.

This would be a different kind of ride; no speed racing, we would stop frequently to observe the roadway and the many users. I learned a lot. Heather from the Conservancy added great historical perspective.

Did you know that the road was once the only way to the coast, before there was Jamboree?

I didn’t know it was originally a two-way road either and that a boat launch once thrived at the Big Canyon turnout. Heather shared how the community came together to remove the launch and one direction of traffic.

Is it time for the next step in conservancy?

Should car traffic be eliminated altogether? Or should we stripe separate lanes for bikes and cars and bikes coming the other way and for dog-walkers and rollerbladers?

We’ve discussed the pros and cons.

Want to learn more? Care to participate in the final report?

Come to the next meeting: 5pm Wed April 30th at the Civic Center.

Can’t attend? Email your suggestions to

Heather shares the history of the Conservancy at one of our many stops




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