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After spending 6 days riding bikes in Paris to dinner, sightseeing locations and back to the hotel and flowing WITH cars not against them – psychologically and physically speaking – this article gives me great joy. Careful consideration of differences noted up to this point is that in Europe transportation ‘personas’ are shared across all modes of transportation in a much higher percentage. Meaning: More people in Paris who drive also ride bikes and walk. Drivers properly and instinctively share the road better and cyclists don’t ride apologetically or defensively through the streets of Paris. But it’s more than that… drivers don’t ‘share’ the road in Paris because they don’t act like it is ‘theirs’ to begin with. It was a thrill to use the Paris bike system. I am also thrilled that business owners here in CdM are catching on to the profitability of the cyclist consumer. CdM is so ripe for a Paris kind of life. David Huntsman took all kinds of amazing footage of how roads give access to cyclists in Paris in ways that we need to see here. Thanks Frank Peters for the update.

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