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visiting the Wedge

Taking a break at the Wedge

My son has moved home after graduating from college; at least I think he has. I’m not sure because he’s only home occasionally. He’s part of a roving party, or so it seems to me at my age; it looks like a lot of fun.

This morning he and 3 friends were sleeping over, which isn’t uncommon. I sensed I could entice them onto bikes for a ride to the pier for lunch, if I had the patience to wait till they all woke up that is. I was pretty sure their appetites and the implied free food would get them on the bikes.

The garage has enough bikes to support quite the little expedition, even with the ebike in for a tune-up I had a bike to spare. Lots of lights, too, enough for everyone to have a full set of blinkers, front and back.

Lunch at Sabatinos

Lunch at Sabatinos

Of course there are many choices when it comes to picking a restaurant, but my criteria included a safe place to park 5 bikes. Sabatinos on Lido peninsula quickly bubbled up to the top of my list. I knew the 22 year-olds would power their way through the homemade sausages and pasta, too. It was quiet when we rolled in around 2pm and there was lots of room to park the bikes in sight of our table.

The kids are most animated around 10 or 11 at night, but that’s when I’m yawning and looking for an excuse to wander up to bed, so this mid-day bike ride gave me an opportunity to show this youth I still had legs. It felt good to be productive, too. I was busy fitting people to bikes and helmets; I delegated seat adjustments to one of the young men, so I could oversee the initial outfitting and get us off on the right foot. At one point during the ride a chain slipped off — gotta tweak that front derailleur — otherwise the 12 mile ride went off without a hitch.

I kept up with them, until the last hill anyway, then they blew right by me, exerting their independence; as my dad used to say, “Youth will be served.”

I was the last one back to the garage, but just by a minute or two. I put the bikes back into their designated places, helmets, too. The lights are all rechargeables; I stuffed all 5 into my pockets and brought them up to the kitchen where I found my wife, “I had a good time with the kids today.”

on the Balboa Island ferry

Heading for home on the Balboa Island ferry




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