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Pre-Turkey Ride
First to arrive

Me on my Pedego are the first to arrive

We had a gorgeous day for this annual bike ride. Our group of 5 more than made up for our small size with friendly chats along the route.

As I often do, we stop at Irvine Terrace Park to practice safe braking. That’s when I discover Fabricia’s junker bike (she is visiting from Michigan and just bought the bike for a week’s worth of riding) didn’t have a rear brake. This causes me a little concern as the next leg of our journey is straight downhill. Not to worry, she’s had just enough time on the bike to know how to compensate. Off we went heading for Balboa Island.

After making a point of telling everyone to bring money, guess who doesn’t?

I always stash a large bill in my bike bag just for such occasions, but the Balboa Is ferry operator didn’t want to take it, so Michael Glenn treated for my ferry fare. Money problems on a fun bike ride? Not really — but I did have exact change for the return ferry.

On the ferry

On the ferry: Christian, Frank, Michael and Marco

I’ve biked to the Wedge many times, but seldom do I lock up the bike and walk to the water. We did today.

The Wedge didn’t look like the mighty monster this morning — it was flat, calm and inviting. This is home turf for Michael Glenn, so he contributed great tidbits and stories along our peninsula route.

at the Wedge

Christian, Fabricia, Marco and Michael at the Wedge

Lunch at Sessions

Lunch at Sessions, 29th and Newport Blvd.

When someone else is entertaining the group I can take a break and enjoy the ride, too. I have to admit that when I took everyone for an early lunch and discovered Michael hadn’t been to Sessions, I felt like I was showing everyone a good time.

Back to money issues… Christian only has 2 dollars for lunch, so I am happy to treat. He gives me one and the change for 2 sandwiches gives me enough for the return ferry fare. The money shortages added to the serendipity and lunch tasted better for the both of us.

The ride is starting to take on a rolling party flavor – we linger for awhile, sharing stories before it’s time to push off.

The group starts to thin as we head back – first Christian then Michael. “Who’s gonna drop out next?” I say wondering if my Michigan companions know their way back, but I’m just kidding. The smaller threesome allows even more intimate conversations as we pile onto the ferry for the trip back…

A Classic route from the Civic Center to the Balboa Is ferry and the Wedge

A classic route from the Civic Center to the Balboa Island ferry and the Wedge




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