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San Clemente bike advocate Brenda Miller

Brenda Miller met with bikeNewportBeach advocates David Huntsman, Dan Murphy, Matt O’Toole and me. As usual, there’s always more to talk about than the time available, especially on a Sunday.

We were all pretty animated, especially today, just days away from the City Council meeting that will select members for the new Citizens Bicycle Safety Committee Tuesday night. David Huntsman and I are two of 13 finalists for the 7 positions.

“Show that you’re a balanced, multi-modal transportation advocate for all, and not some crazy bike person,” was one of her comments that got me scribbling notes.

“Focus on the Complete Streets model.” That’s the state law that compels cities to ‘build road networks that are safer, more livable and welcoming to everyone’, especially children and seniors.

“Know your city’s General Plan; read it. If you don’t know it, inside and out, those that do will use it against you.” Especially important are sections that focus on “levels of service”, which I’m looking at right now, are just as she predicted: written with automobiles in mind.

Defining Levels of Service (click to enlarge)
from the Newport Beach General Plan, Chapter 7 Circulation Element

Study OCTA’s Congestion Management Program and work to get an exemption for levels of service requirements based on getting cars off the road, reducing emissions, and promoting safe routes to schools — by being multi-modal, balancing bikes and cars.

She offered many ideas for forming a Transportation and Circulation Commission in the City, like Laguna Beach’s Complete Streets Committee, but broader in its focus, and clout.

Whatever the outcome of the City Council meeting and whoever gets appointed to the Bike Safety Committee, it’s an exciting time for bike advocates.



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