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Frank Peters thanks the Newport Beach City Council for their commitment to a Bicycle Master Plan

Frank Peters thanks the Council for their commitment to a Bicycle Master Plan

It’s Saturday morning, January 12 and Frank Peters and I have just spent the better part of four hours at the Newport Beach City Council Goal and Priority Setting meeting for 2013.

The last section of the agenda pertained to Transportation where there were 10 items on the list – 9 of which were bicycle-related.

Prominent on the list was funding for a Bicycle Master Plan. This item was categorized as a “Maybe Item”. Five items were a “Yes”. Frank and I really wanted the Bike Master Plan elevated to the “Yes” category. With a Bike Master Plan, bicycle lanes, capital projects to support multi-modal transportation and specific improvements for bicycle safety become a required consideration in future capital projects. Additionally, the Bike Master Plan shows that the City is serious about making Newport Beach more bicycle friendly.

Frank and I were delighted when the City Council agreed to move it from the “Maybe” category to the “Yes” category, and we both thanked the City Council for their commitment to safe cycling on its streets by supporting the allocation of resources to develop a comprehensive Bike Master Plan. Frank commented that the Memorial Ride held on October 28, 2012 was a catalyst behind the City’s recognition that something permanent needed to happen.

To our delight City Manager Dave Kiff agreed to extend the City’s $3 to $1 match program for donations to the Bicycle Safety Improvement Fund, until March 31, 2013.

Altogether, it was a very positive morning for the world of cycling here in Southern California.



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