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It was Halloween around midnight when the Sharrows were painted

Gathering for the first ride on the Sharrows
Public Works’ Brad Sommers, me, Deputy Chief Dave McGill, Sgt. Spencer Arnold
and Bike Safety Committee member Bob Kahn

We gathered for the inaugural ride on the Sharrows on Coast Hwy through Corona del Mar this morning. I almost slept in. Who needs to set an alarm clock with the every morning ritual of getting a high schooler out the door? But there was no school this morning. I have my cat to thank for waking me up.

Bike Safety Committee member Denis LaBonge drove his pickup truck behind us so he could observe motorists’ reactions to this group while we rode in the center of the lane.

There was a fair amount of early morning traffic, not enough to slow speeds, kind of the most dangerous conditions: lots of cars all moving at a good clip, but there were no incidents. Deputy Chief McGill complained of a motorist shaving him a little too closely though. It’s gonna take some time for the Sharrows message to sink in.

I met Malcolm Hill during the ride. Malcolm was a big contributor to the weekend’s Memorial Ride, but we’d never met. He happened to be on Coast Hwy and spotted us. So I can say these Sharrows may lead to new friendships.

Bike safety Committee member Bob Kahn was up for the first ride

Deputy Chief McGill took a few photos

Not a car in sight, but take my word for it, there were plenty of cars on Coast Hwy this morning as we test rode the new Sharrows

Public Works’ Brad Sommers is the one who gets the paint on the road



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