Coffee shops and other delightful spots along the coast.

Take this coastal ride from Crystal Cove to the peninsula and enjoy all the coffee and caffeine you can handle. Not a coffee drinker? Then how about one of the original date shakes at the Shake Shack. Rose’s Donuts in Corona del Mar is a cyclist’s haven; you’ll want to linger here before pressing on to Balboa Island and a ferry ride to the peninsula.

Park at Crystal Cove along Coast Hwy then start at Starbucks for the first espresso. Peddle away heading east to exit the parking lot via Reef Point Drive then cross Coast Hwy into Crystal Cove State Park. Follow the bike path west to the Shake Shack, a landmark setting for sandwiches and the original date shake; enjoy the super view while you munch away. Continue on the bike path up the short hill and continue to enjoy the park; as you exit at Pelican Point Drive where you’ll cross Coast Hwy and turn left for the sprint into Corona del Mar.

Visit Rose’s Donuts for another treat then cross Coast Hwy to ride along the ‘Flower’ streets of Corona del Mar. As you weave through the oceanfront neighborhood, take time to enjoy the views before you cross the Goldenrod bridge then turn down Carnation onto Bayside Drive. Enjoy riding along Newport Beach’s first Sharrows on narrow and windy Bayside Drive. Turn onto the bridge at Marine Ave and pedal onto Balboa Island. Take your time, this is a fabulous neighborhood for exploring the many little shops and restaurants. When you’ve had enough, turn towards the ferry and cross onto the Balboa peninsula. Here you’ll find the beach boardwalk which will take you to the Newport pier and beyond. Continue past the pier turning on 32nd Street crossing Balboa and Newport Blvd’s on your way to Alta Coffee and the end of this route.

Credits: A tip of the hat to the original caffeine achiever, Charlie Gandy.

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Crystal Cove

Elevation Gain/Loss: 556 ft
Distance: 9.75 miles, one way
Effort: Easy