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We stopped at each of the 3 schools along Irvine Ave Brad Sommers, Jeff Fylling and David Huntsman

We stopped at each of the 3 schools along Irvine Ave
with Brad Sommers, Jeff Fylling and David Huntsman

While news was breaking of a new Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee, a couple of members of the former Bicycle Safety Task Force met at City Hall for a lunchtime ride with Public Works’ Brad Sommers.

It was a beautiful day for a ride, as usual. Today’s route took us along Irvine Avenue where we considered opportunities for improving bike lanes.

There are three schools in close proximity along Irvine Avenue, that means lots of drop-off car traffic mixed with kids on bicycles. It was easy to imagine changes to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

There’s nothing like getting out in the field, we all agreed; you can’t come up with solutions while sitting at your desk.

Where are we going with all the ideas we kicked around today?
It’s all grist for the mill as we imagine work starting on a Bicycle Master Plan soon.

It’s a creative time, lots of optimism, too, as we see the support of the City Council, funding from the Bicycle Safety Improvement Fund and renewed cooperation coming from OCTA and Caltrans. There’s interest in improving bike safety along Coast Hwy, “Every city’s interest in improving conditions on Coast Hwy,” Brad Sommers shared.

As we wrapped up our ride we focused on the Back Bay loop as it ends abruptly at Irvine Avenue. We were pumped from our ride and maybe a little over stimulated by all the ideas for improvements; the cooperation coming from every direction had me spouting off again, “It’s the Golden Age of Bicycle Advocacy.” It’s happening right now and Newport Beach is demonstrating great leadership.

Make plans right now, to dust off that bike and pump the tires; it’s gonna be a gorgeous weekend for a ride.

An alternate exit for the Back Bay loop

Exploring an alternate exit for the Back Bay loop
David Huntsman, Brad Sommers and Dan Murphy



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