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As Newport Beach considers its next steps in reaction to the recent tragic deaths of two women cyclists we can look to our neighbors and the commitment they are making to safer streets for all.

From Brenda Miller:

Attention San Clemente residents, visitors, and users of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route:

Tomorrow, the San Clemente City Planning Commission will be evaluating the legal framework of the draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. If time permits, the Commission will also entertain proposed candidate projects. Candidate projects form the basis for the traffic modeling required of the new General Plan. There is a lot at stake with this Plan (& the upcoming Circulation Element, not yet available).

With the right non-motorized projects, San Clemente’s transportation network can become more efficient by providing people truly safe and convenient choices to get around town. Properly implemented transportation alternatives reduce vehicular traffic, reduce delay at intersections, catalyze local business opportunities, and reduce parking demand. That’s not to mention the inherent value of safe routes to school for our kids and safe routes to the beach for families and visitors alike. All of those are primary goals of the draft Plan.

But perhaps more important than individual projects is the legal framework — the goals and policies and implementation tools — that enable infrastructure to function for all roadway users. Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand when the transportation system is balanced. Movement of everyone by all modes of travel is the priority. That’s what complete streets is all about and is the over-arching purpose of this Plan. It was also the basis for our Council’s historic Complete Streets Resolution last January (link here).

As many of you know, I’ve been diligently working on this Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan — our town’s first ever — for more than 4 years. Educating and advocating for multi-modal transportation and kids’ routes to school here in San Clemente has been the cornerstone of my life the last several years. I believe our elected and appointed officials and staff understand that a Complete Streets approach to transportation is good for everyone.

Your voice and opinion matters now more than ever. Your voice in support of a multi-modal San Clemente would go a long way in enabling our town to lead the way for all of Southern California.

DATE: 6pm Tuesday, Sept. 25
LOCATION: City Council Chambers, 100 Ave. Presidio, San Clemente, Ca. 92672



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