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Santa Barbara Rebounds

Need a getaway?

Head north to Santa Barbara for your next bicycle weekend. There’s a lot you’ll like.

Feels like it's spring on the Central Coast

Santa Barbara’s been unusually distracted lately. Cut them some slack as they’re bouncing back from one disaster after another.

There's good news

Everything’s turning green. Mother Nature has her violent ways, no doubt, but renewal follows. Santa Barbara will soon transform into the beautiful oasis it’s so famous for – with a whole new lush look.

Take the train

You won’t regret it – get on the Pacific Surfliner in Irvine, or Santa Ana, or Anaheim, or Los Angeles, with your bike.

The adventure begins immediately. You’ll feel the everyday stresses leaving you behind.

It’s easy and economical – and there’s a ride waiting that’s perfect for your friends and family.

We've been anticipating your arrival

We’ve gathered all the details – all the routes, descriptions, downloads, hotels, wineries, breweries, and elevation profiles – everything you need to plan your weekend cycling extravaganza.

cycleCALcoast has the details

Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties have been working together for years – they know you’ll enjoy your cycling weekend on the Central Coast, so they’ve got all the details organized for you all in one place – check it out, cycleCALcoast.

Give the Amgen Tour a test ride – sample a Gibraltar Road finish for yourself
Ride like no one's watching
A family-friendly ride rewards with views from Shoreline Park
Pick a ride: from family-friendly to epic, there's a ride here for you – Santa Barbara has been planning for a surge in bicycle tourism



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