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Santa Monica Bike Campus

City of Santa Monica photo, via (Click to read more.)

Today the City of Santa Monica debuts their new Bike Campus. As LA Streetsblog reports:

The facility is meant to provide a dedicated space for local LCI (League Certified Instructors), and area schools to teach bike safety principles in a safe space before working up to lessons involving live traffic.

There will be self-serve options too, with educational signboards pointing to online information, including videos.

You may remember that the Utrecht Traffic Garden was a big hit with our own Bike Safety Committee. The Santa Monica facility is not as elaborate, but serves a broader and more direct need: securing a good location is one of the greater challenges of offering bike safety classes. And getting good education programs going is one of our Bike Safety Committee’s goals.

So why not here too? Besides the practical benefits, it would be a great symbol that our city cares about bike safety, and is doing something about our poor safety record.

Not to mention the benefit to nearby businesses, with students, instructors, and casual users buying lunches, snacks, soft drinks, and coffee all day, all year.



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