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Friends gathered this afternoon to pay tribute to the memory of Sarah Leaf


Clergy spoke, then the father followed by her closest friends. One at a time they rose to the podium to share memories of the woman they all loved.

Tissues pulled from purses, the amplifiers had to be turned up twice — it was hard to hear. Sobbing settled in like a fog.

Picture this crowd, her friends — they’re healthy and fit, in the prime of their lives at only 29.
It’s easy to imagine Sarah mingling with this crowd.

The circumstances so forlorn, the grief of each speaker so painfully apparent, laughter comes as an explosion, a release from the pain, as her father shares a funny story.


All those healthy diets combined with all that youthful vigor, her friends seem to glow as they compress their friendship and love for this young woman into a paragraph or two at the mic.

Yet the effect is quite thorough, every beating heart is moved by this loss.

This hurts like hell.




Frank Peters

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