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Thank you to the Newport Beach Police Department for their quick response yesterday with an update about this accident:


In this incident, a driver of a pick-up truck pulling a “5th Wheel” trailer was heading west on PCH, just west of Dover (at the pinch point). A female bicyclist was also traveling west on PCH at the same place. The trailer came in contact with the bicycle, causing the bicyclist to lose control and fall, sustaining moderate injuries. She is expected to recover. The driver did not feel or see the collision, and he continued west on PCH until officers caught up with him and advised him he had been involved in the collision. He returned to the accident scene and cooperated fully with the investigation. A traffic collision report was taken.


Thank goodness that the injuries were not life threatening. However, this update includes a concern. How is it possible that a pinch point like this exists on the Pacific Coast Highway? An unsafe location that any cyclist who regularly rides the PCH is familiar with? One that contributes to a driver being able to hit a cyclist without even seeing her?


Bicyclist pinch point just west of the PCH & Dover intersection


If there is any good to come out of this accident, and the two fatal incidents this past weekend, let’s hope it includes improved bike and pedestrian safety.





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