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SoMoS: Santa Ana Energy Looking For Somewhere To Ride

I saw a lot at the City of Santa Ana’s inaugural SoMoS “no cars” Ciclovia-style event on its three miles of Main Street last Sunday. People walking, skating, big wheeling and riding bikes. Experiencing the street as streets were experienced for centuries, before the invasion of cars. It was a hot, but wonderful day.

It was as I left for my bike ride back to the coast that I saw the small crowd of young people standing proudly with their bikes. Fast bikes, fixed-gear and single speed, and some bike racing clothing.

It was the image of the day for me. If I had to guess what was going on I’d say these kids enjoyed their time at SoMoS, but now, as it ends, are asking, “Now what?”

4pm on a Sunday is awfully early to call it a day when you have something as stimulating as a Ciclovia under your belt.




David Huntsman

Husband, father, cyclist, lawyer

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