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April Morris

April Morris

April‘s the one to ask; after all, she raised the $76,000 Bike Safety Improvement Fund.

So when she sent an email to poll the donors, many responses focused on the same hot spots.

Here’s her list for the Bicycle Safety Committee meeting tomorrow at 4:30pm:

  1. The Pinch Point, westbound Coast Hwy at Dover
  2. The right turn lane on eastbound Coast Hwy at Bayside Drive
  3. The inland side of Newport Coast Drive, specifically at the entrance/exit of the 73 to Newport Coast. Suggestion is for a stop sign on the exit and a biker activated light on the entrance.
  4. The intersection of the 55 at Coast Hwy. Going east on Coast Hwy as cars exit the 55 is very dangerous. Westbound doesn’t seem to be that bad. Suggestion of signage (maybe with blinking lights) for drivers entering and exiting the 55 to watch for cyclists.
  5. “Safe Routes to the Beach” from NHHS to the peninsula.
  6. More Sharrows – larger, with a paint that will not fade.
  7. Identify someone to coordinate efforts between the cities, MADD and legislators to help review and make improvements to existing laws/penalties for injuring or killing a cyclist while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Daytime running lights: a recurring theme in many conversations – when the sun is bright, in motorists’ eyes, it’s hard to see cyclists in the bike lane. Let’s reinforce the benefits of wearing blinking lights at all times – even in the daytime.

Got your own ideas?

Come to the meeting.



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