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Spring-like Sunday Ride

New striping for off-road path

Bike Club of Irvine‘s Bill Sellin sent me a photo — today I couldn’t wait to go see for myself.

My Lion Country Safari post of a couple of weeks ago needs an update. There’s new striping to keep everyone on the straight and narrow. My first time through here I made the wrong turn which pitches you deep into the bush – only later do you see the signs warning of mountain lions.

When I stopped for this photo I was surprised to see – it was blowing pollen like snowflakes.

Today was warm; I observed 84º in Irvine with a brisk headwind thrown in for good measure. I was dragging, but I got it done.

MacArthur - Quail Hill loop

MacArthur – Quail Hill loop

I was rewarded with beautiful views from the top.

Looking east from Quail Hill

Looking east from Quail Hill

A nice finish to a great ride

A nice finish to a great ride




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