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San Clemente Leads in Complete Streets

As Newport Beach considers its next steps in reaction to the recent tragic deaths of two women cyclists we can look to our neighbors and the commitment they are making to safer streets for all.

From Brenda Miller:

Attention San Clemente residents, visitors, and users of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route:

Tomorrow, the San Clemente City Planning Commission will be evaluating the legal framework of the draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. If time permits, the Commission will also entertain proposed candidate projects. Candidate projects form the basis for the traffic modeling required of the new General Plan. There is a lot at stake with this Plan (& the upcoming Circulation Element, not yet available).

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Complete Streets for San Clemente

by Brenda Miller

By unanimous vote: the San Clemente City Council voted Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012, to support multimodal transportation in the updated General Plan.  Introduced by Councilman Baker, the motion passed with consensus (5-0) opinion and stated the following:

“San Clemente’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan shall be fully integrated with the City’s updated Circulation Element so as to comply with the letter and spirit of California’s Complete Streets Law, thereby creating a balanced multimodal transportation system for all.”

The importance of the above motion cannot be overstated.  It sets the tone for new goals, objectives, and policies in the updated San Clemente General Plan and will ensure that all roadway users, as named in California’s Complete Streets Code (Section 65302(b)(2)(A,B)), will be included in the planning process.  That law specifically requires that “bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, motorists, movers of commercial goods, pedestrians, users of public transportation, and seniors” be accommodated in all new Circulation Elements significantly revised beginning Jan. 1, 2011.

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Safe Routes to the Beach

Brenda Miller and Foxy at Peets Coffee in CdM Plaza

No offense, but I dread visiting Laguna Beach in the summer, too much traffic!

The Newport pier in August is no better — you better come by bike or else you’ll be circling the neighborhood looking for a parking place instead of spreading out your towel on the sand.

You know what I’m talking about — there are just too many cars at our most popular beaches in the summer, but who can blame them for making the trip? It’s gorgeous in Newport Beach almost all year long, so how do we accommodate the crowds?

If more people came to the beach by bike there’d be less congestion. We’d all enjoy a healthier environment and the cyclists would benefit from the exercise. Sounds like an idea with a lot of merit.

That’s just one of the ideas we kicked around with Brenda Miller today. She’s a League Cycling Instructor (LCI), as certified by the League of American Bicyclists; she’s a well spoken and knowledgeable bicycle advocate, too, so when I heard of her pending trip to the Central Library this week, I invited a few friends to join us for coffee. The bikeNewportBeach gang showed up to listen.

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