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Start with Part I as I share my comments on the NB Draft Master Plan.

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5. Make Constellation Drive the entrance/exit to the Back Bay Loop Trail — this could be a great new entrance to the best cycling in NB; thousands will enjoy it.

6. Sidewalk riding — is it ok to ride on the sidewalk along MacArthur?
Leslie Daigle told me how Don Webb designed them to be used that way, but signage is missing. Just in the past few months I’ve learned how valuable this route is, connecting directly with the San Diego Creek Trail in Irvine and beyond.

7. Safe routes to the beach — Picture this route: Riverside Dr at Coast Hwy, the sidewalk along Coast Hwy, and the intersections of Newport Blvd. at Via Lido and 32nd Street are the connections that kids from Newport Heights use everyday to get to the beach. We all know this is horrible, so let’s get to work on a robust, safe and direct route that’s suitable for kids.

8. Free Right Turns — they’re killer and we all know it. Bike Religion’s John Tzinberg told me that the FRT at Newport Coast was “the worst” and now we know just how deadly it is. We can’t improve safety by pussy footing around — these are deadly intersections, just waiting to happen. Every single FRT must go.

9. Landscape trucks block bike lanes on San Joaquin Hills Drive and Newport Coast Drive. They’re still doing it — blocking the bike lane while performing their landscaping duties. This forces cyclists out into high-speed traffic where there’s no room for error — a fatality waiting to happen.

10. Goldenrod Bridge — it’s a tight squeeze with peds and bikes on the footbridge and walking your bike only makes it worse. Someday let’s widen it.

11. More enforcement is needed on Ocean Blvd above Big Corona. You’re at the beach riding your bike having a great time, but the motorists are frazzled — they’ve traveled many miles in some cases and they’re circling the neighborhood looking for free parking. They represent a hazard to peds and cyclists. Let’s set demand-pricing at Big Corona so that the parking fees are always a good deal and let’s invite NBPD to apply more enforcement during the busy summer weekends.

12. Bike racks — there are none at Big Corona, not one. Our business districts don’t realize what an economic boom these tiny sidewalk furniture items will be. This is chicken feed! Let’s seed the BIDs with nice inverted U racks and watch what happens.

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