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In this post I wrap up my 19 comments to the Newport Beach Draft Master Plan.

Begin reading Parts I and Part II first.

13. Undo the City’s recently completed Traffic Timing Study.
At every intersection in the City now, peds must wait an extra long time while our motorist brethren go flying by. This is the opposite of what bike advocates advise: Make driving harder and cycling easier. An increasingly older demographic, the Baby Boomers, will be walking away from their vehicles in the decades to come, let’s build more pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and slow down those speeding through the community on their way someplace better…

14. Dover trap lane, westbound on Coast Hwy — a fatality just waiting to happen.

15. Fashion Island — I can walk to FI from home. Going to the movies or just to stretch it out, it’s a nice destination — until you actually get there! Try walking past Red O on Anacapa — there is no sidewalk. I’ve often said the Irvine Company expects you to come by Bentley, not by bike. They have 2 crappy bike racks in the whole damn place. I can complain and I have gotten a nice letter in the mail thanking me for sharing, but our Chair would likely get a more significant response.

16. Fix 32nd Street at Newport Blvd.
Add a green lane for cyclists to show them how to safely cross westbound on 32nd Street. Instead, too many are riding on the wrong side of the street inviting a collision.

17. CdM Sharrows: Bring back the electronic signs.
Motorists forget, plus they’re in a hurry to get somewhere really important and that damn cyclist is taking the lane right in front of them. What’s a motorist to do other than blow the horn?! Bring back the NBPD electronic signs, if only for a day or two, to remind our motorist friends that BMUFL in CdM. Then let’s move the signs to Bayside Drive where motorists frequently disrespect cyclists traveling the Sharrows.

18. Add a k-rail separated bike path going up Newport Coast Drive and San Joaquin Hills Drive. Today we have all the ingredients for disaster — 60mph autos and cyclists only inches away. Is that a text coming in? OMG!

19. Dream with me — Let’s create a westbound PCH sidewalk bikeway.
Cyclists are allowed on the sidewalk between Avocado and Jamboree; on the southern sidewalk cyclists enjoy the shade of the over-hanging trees and a curbed flowerbed between themselves and the 50mph motorists on PCH. This is how cycling around town should be, so let’s extend this sidewalk option all the way to Newport Blvd. It doesn’t take much to make the connections so that bike riders can get to the popular destinations. Until we find the millions for a cantilevered bike path over the Bay Bridge, this could be done for peanuts and would be enjoyed by casual riders too timid sensible to ride Coast Hwy.




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