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On the ferry

Tuesday night is Boy Scouts for me. Take 2 boys, 4 years apart and it adds up to 10 years involvement; it’s hard to let go.

Last night I worked with 2 scouts, one on Cycling and the other on Theater merit badges. I’m a counselor for Camping, Communications, Computers, Family Life, and Railroading, too. I think of it as “my life, in merit badges.”

My ride to Lido Island includes a trip on the Balboa Island ferry. The moon lit return trip was just me on my bike. The ticket taker saw me snapping photos on the iPhone. “You can use the volume-plus button to take the picture.” I had no idea. It’s much easier; as he said, “When your fingers aren’t working,” like during a chilly ride home.

I left home early to indulge my new routine — dinner at Crow Burger Kitchen, where they still don’t recognize me after a month of Tuesday nights, but I keep coming.




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