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Maybe a really, really short bike could safely use this bike lane?

Maybe a very short bike could safely use this bike lane?

My very charitable word about the new bike lanes on Irvine Boulevard  is “Questionable.”  After looking at these photos, please share your word through commenting on this post.

These photos are a follow up to an earlier post hoping that Newport Beach would paint Sharrows on Irvine Blvd, starting with the section in front of Newport Harbor High School.  Sharrows make sense for numerous reasons on this stretch of road:  A slow speed is desirable for residential and school reasons,  high visibility, numerous bike riders and two way traffic for much of this stretch of roadway.

Unfortunately, Sharrows were not added.  What did Newport Beach do after re-surfacing Irvine Blvd earlier this summer?  The bike lanes that had been in place previously were re-painted.  My word is “Questionable.”  What’s yours?

Cars legally parked in these bike lanes encourage the dangerous practice of weaving in and out of traffic lanes, especially for younger riders. Does this situation look safe? Plus, note the school sign at top right corner.



A vehicle legally parked in the Newport Beach bike lane on Irvine Blvd.

What is a "BIKE L?" It looks like an invitation for a bike rider to get doored, doesn't it?




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  1. That is really dangerous. I don’t think this use of the BIKE LANE markings conforms with California’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 9, Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilities.

    The MUTCD provides that the BIKE LANE marking in these pictures may be used against the curb when parking is prohibited or away from the curb where parking is permitted. It does not provide the application depicted in these pictures!

    See: at page 9C-18.

    See specifically the wording at page 9C-4 which indicates the BIKE LANE markings may be used as depicted in Figure 9C-102(CA) (page 9C-18).

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